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  • Invest for a changing world

    Invest for a changing world
  • Exceed, your trusted partner

    Exceed, your trusted partner

Investment & Retirement

Planning for the future effectively requires comprehensive investment planning tailored to your individual needs. That’s why we undertake to provide you with:

  • A detailed needs analysis to determine your specific goals, needs and appetite for risk.
  • An assessment of your optimal portfolio to provide the best returns for your specific risk tolerance.
  • A diversified portfolio spread across all asset classes to help lower your investment risk while focusing on increasing your investment returns.

"As part of our overall private clients offerings Exceed Asset Management also partner with Select Manager (Pty) Ltd in providing investment services, adding expertise in world markets and fund management to the investment plans we create for you. Exceed Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Select Manager (Pty) Ltd. The Efficient Group has a 71% share in the Select Manager Group."

Discover more about how Exceed can help optimise your investment and retirement needs and contact us for expert and impartial financial advice.


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