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Ben Zander visits South Africa in January

One of Exceed’s associates, Symphonia Leadership Development, is instrumental in bringing inspirational speakers Benjamin and Rosamund Zander back to South Africa in January 2011.

South Africans will have the opportunity to experience Benjamin’s ability to ignite and inspire audiences in his three-hour session by using the power of music to galvanise people to action and a sense of possibility.

Benjamin and Rosamund Zander

Ben, a world-renowned conductor, is an inspirational speaker on both leadership and the ‘Art of Possibility’. He also develops models for leadership and co-authored the book, Art of Possibility, with his partner, Rosamund, an executive coach and family systems therapist.

Ben explained, “I am faced with a group of people who have immense capacity and desire and ability to play the music, but what they need from me is the unlocking of that spirit which is inside them and to let it loose in the world.

“A life lived in the discipline of the Art of Possibility is a life lived with grace, energy, joy and contribution. It is what we wish for ourselves, for our families, for our communities and for the world.”

Together with Symphonia, the Zanders intend to expose at least five million South Africans to their inspirational message of possibility through the distribution of a DVD.

The Zanders will be at the CTICC in Cape Town on 25 January and at the Vodadome, Vodaworld in Midrand on 28 January.

For further information or to make reservations, contact Johleen on tel. 021 913 3507 or e-mail