Citizenship in action

Gerrit van RhynExceed and Tenk Loubser Inc. have joined the School at the Centre of Community (S@CC) project, an initiative to mobilize citizens and communities to partner with principals and teachers to educate the children of South Africa. This project is an innovation in the field of leadership development.

Business leaders are requested to bring their skills, knowledge and experience into a partnership with principals to stimulate the community around a school to take responsibility for the wellbeing of the school, the learners at the school, and therefore the fabric of our society.

With the S@CC project, experienced business and community leaders are given the opportunity to partner with principals in a Partner for Possibility (PfP) role. By pledging to jointly create a community-building event for the school community, the principal and PfP also commit to develop their leadership capacity and create an opportunity to galvanize citizens and members of the school community to become actively involved at the school.

As a PfP, Gerrit van Rhyn of Tenk Loubser Inc has agreed to commit approximately 96 hours over a period of 10 months in 2012. His role will be to work with a principal to excite and engage talents and assets in the surrounding community. Together they will enroll citizens around the school to become actively and meaningfully engaged in the challenges of their school. They will also document their journey.

The S@CC programme is supported by numerous pedagogues including Professors Brian O’Connell, Rector and Vice-chancellor of the University of the Western Cape, and Jonathan Jansen, Rector of the University of the Free State.

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