Psychometric Services

We offer psychometric testing, which plays a crucial role in helping our clients to pinpoint the best person for the job. A client’s skills and experience might look perfect on paper, but a CV or even an interview doesn’t always reveal how they’ll conduct themselves in the workplace. Are they prone to losing their temper and do they buckle under stress? Will they fit in? Will their values clash with those of company?

A psychometric test gives you insight into so much more than whether or not the candidate has the right skills set and experience. It looks at:

  • Personality: We examine the candidate’s personality traits to determine whether it matches the essential or ideal personality traits required by the role.
  • Ability and Aptitude: We measure the candidate’s capabilities within specific areas of competence and assess their cognitive ability in areas such as verbal skills, numeracy, logical reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Behavior: We gain insight into how the person is likely to behave at work.
  • Skills: We determine whether the person has the right skills for the job. For example, we’ll test a candidate’s proficiency in a certain programming language.
  • Values: Are the candidate’s values aligned with those of the company?
  • Learning potential: We assess the person’s potential to learn new skills, tasks and competencies.
  • Emotion intelligence: How does the candidate handle him-/herself emotionally in the workplace? We assess how well candidates are aware of and can manage their own and others’ emotions.