Reference: 5180 SH
Consultant: Sharleen Horn

Job Description:

  • Be able to assist the current development team with the increasing number of projects that range from low level driver software to abstract web services.
  • Want to help evolve complex enterprise management systems while being responsible for, and utilizing the latest industry standard container management systems to help scale and automate the full lifecycle of our software on a resilient infrastructure.
  • Become a champion of our infrastructure and utilize emerging industry standards to scale our software.
  • Assist with the upgrade of existing in-house software packages that assist with managing and reporting across all areas of the business.
  • Be able to help design and build tools that can assist with the monitoring, testing and maintenance of our latest software and its underlying infrastructure.
  • Assist with the maintenance and upgrading of mature software platforms that power all of our solutions.
  • Want to help design new and capable systems that can replace some of our legacy software.
  • Assist with typical software development where available development capacity is not sufficient.
  • Assist with the automation of our evolving Unit Tests + Regression Tests + Frontend Tests (Selenium) that our QA assist with.
  • Assist with the development/utilization of systems that can keep workflows and shipping of new products on track, ensuring that they pass quality and unit tests.


  • Knowledge of the enterprise software domain
  • Official tertiary education
  • Experience in Banking IT, Fintech, Emerging Payments, Card Technology
  • Be comfortable working in a team with project delivery leads
  • Be competent writing technical documentation
  • Possess good troubleshooting skills.
  • Be proficient in Embedded programming – linking software development with Server development (PHP – Docker environment)
  • Be proficient in Hardware development and Server level coding (middleware)
  • Be proficient in C, C# and C++
  • Be confident in developing and maintaining complex business solutions.
  • Be comfortable deploying containerized versions of our software using Docker.
  • Have experience in Implementing scalable software and hardware solutions.
  • Use and add abstract database structures and source code.
  • Create and add Code and application flow documentation.
  • Have a good understanding of PHP and PHP based frameworks and also have the ability to adapt to working on existing, custom frameworks.
  • Have a good understanding of Front end frameworks like React, Nodejs, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Have an understanding of any of the following technologies: PHP, C, TypeScript, Javascript, JAVA, MAVEN, NGINX, Propel, Composer, NPM/Yarn package managers, GIT, HTML5, CSS3, GULP, SASS, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and Command line knowledge.
  • Have a good understanding of Database architecture like, MySQL, Cloud SQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with Kubernetes is a bonus
  • Have experience building web applications using micro-services working with rest API’s.
  • Skill with developing mobile applications such as iOS and Android. Mobile application frameworks are a bonus Ionic, Cordova.
  • Have their own transport
  • Be available to come into the office for the best part of the work day
  • Be proficient in at least 50% of our complete technology stack listed below
  • Be proficient in *nix based systems
  • Must have at least 5-10 years of programming
  • Be fluent in programming design patterns and OOP
  • Be fluent in web applications and services such as Slack, Google Web Apps, Mediawiki and Trello
  • Enjoy learning unfamiliar languages

How to Apply:

  • Email your comprehensive CV to
  • If you are already registered, please forward your CV and the relevant reference number to the consultant with whom you are currently registered in order to avoid duplicity on our system.
  • We reserve the right to only conduct interviews with candidates of choice.
  • Applicants who have not received feedback within 30 days from the closing date must please accept their application as unsuccessful.

To apply for this job email your details to