Logistics Controller

Reference: SJ 3868

Consultant:Sone Johnson


  • Plan daily deliveries at the time of inventory
  • Organize Transport of transactions done by TRADERS
  • Monitor deliveries, satisfaction and maintain information of transport & goods
  • Responsible for prompt, accurate communication
  • Handling of general enquiries
  • Abreast of market trends and contingencies
  • Positive expression of the company’s image and values
  • Operate within budget of policy & procedures
  • High levels of detail and quality in all tasks
  • Fares must motivate transactions and routes
  • Experience in Office environment
  • Organized and willing to adapt quickly to changes
  • Working together with fellow colleagues, TRADERS, management, producers, grain owners (co-ops), transporters (owner/driver) & delivery point (customer)
  • Effective problem solving
  • Keep TRADERS informed of their transactions
  • Keep finance department informed of stock requirements and payments from producers
  • Keep silo/producer informed of details of trucks to load
  • Keep in touch with Transport owner/driver until cargo is unloaded
  • Keep drop point informed of inventory in transit
  • Get pick up and drop off point. Work out shipping rates that work for TRADERS transactions, benefiting profits
  • Contact silo about availability
  • If stock is on folio, request instructions by contacting the cooperative.
  • If instructions are received, book in at silos: Registration numbers, driver name, ID, contact number; weight trucks may load, commodity & grade.
  • If at producer: get directions and information about scale; find out what types of trucks can load; what times can load and book truck details in via sms. If producer has weighing slips, request that they be forwarded, enter on system.
  • If at silo: get instruction and availability of loading locks at silo. Book trucks on email and refer. Request information from silo about tons loaded, enter on system
  • Send details of trucks to delivery point
  • Connect trucks to an order
  • Request delivery information, for invoicing
  • Enter data on set
  • Discuss with various parties involved
  • Financial responsibility is indicated
  • Follow up, until completely sorted out
  • Discuss rates/orders
  • Get stock on instruction and discuss with silos
  • Get upload information from silos and input on system
  • Also pass on to the drop off point/customer for record purposes
  • Book rates/orders/Transport
  • Get pickup information and pass on to the delivery point
  • Enter data on system


  • Experience in the field of Logistics
  • Atl least  years’ xperience in the logistics indusrty
  • High level of computer literacy
  • An aptitude towards customer liaison with good communication skills
  • Great organisational skills and high level of neatness
  • A positive outlook on life, a self-challenging nature, and high levels of ENERGY are required. The internal drive to succeed, regardless of the obstacles
  • Self-discipline to work without supervision with strict deadlines and work under pressure Be able to speak and write both Afrikaans and English fluently

How to Apply:

  • Email your comprehensive CV to exceedhr@exceed.co.za.
  • If you are already registered, please forward your CV and the relevant reference number to the consultant with whom you are currently registered in order to avoid duplicity on our system.
  • We reserve the right to only conduct interviews with candidates of choice.
  • Applicants who have not received feedback within 30 days from the closing date must please accept their application as unsuccessful.