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  • Big enough to count, small enough to care

    Big enough to count, small enough to care
  • Integrity forms the backbone of our business

    Integrity forms the backbone of our business

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

  • Donate blood

    01 Mar 2011

    “Save a life;  donate blood”.  Every 3 months the blood buss parks in front of our offices at Parc du Links, Somerset West.   Our aim is to make our clients aware off the fact that with a little effort from yourself, you can save a life.  The next date is scheduled for 8 March 2011.  Hope to see you all there.

  • Sir Lowry's Pass Donate a Book Project

    01 Mar 2011

    As a parent, employee of Exceed and part-time Sunday-school teacher, I have soon realised that education starts by reading and after my last outreach at Sir Lowry’s Pass in Dec 2010, I was, once again, aware of how privilege we are to provide our children with education through reading. How will they be able to read and spread the word of our God, without the ability to read? That is why I have decided to launch a “donate a book project”.


    Project runs until 1 May 2011.

  • Sir Lowry's Pass project: Shoe box project: a different Christmas 2010

    01 Mar 2010

    With the help of a social worker involved in the Sir Lowry’s Pass township, we have identified 50 “homeless” children who have never received a Christmas present.

  • Christmas shoebox project

    01 Mar 2010

    Rainbow Primary is situated in West Bank, Stellenbosch Arterial  and has  1500 learners  situation from very poor circumstances.  Due to the size of the school, it was difficult to identify a specific class where we could made a difference. In April a new Unit class was established at the school with mentally handicapped learners. These learners have various barriers to learning, but (soon discovered by myself) hearts of gold.

  • Hamlet Old Age Home

    01 Mar 2010

    An elderly woman from Hamlet, Cathy, decided to make a difference in the lives of 40 homeless old people.  She bought an old station house, and with the help of donations, she transformed the house into small bedrooms.  These old people had no place they could called “my home”, but Cathy changed all that.

  • Reward with a certificate!

    01 Mar 2010

    The project “reward a certificate” was initiated after a learning support teacher (Ms Hesna van Deventer)  told me that, not only are the learners in need of clothes, but many learners, although having enough food and clothing, have poor self esteems because there are very seldom rewarded for good behaviour.
    We decided that we are going to reach out to the learners that we, most of the time overlook, in spite of their good behaviour. We wanted  to inspire all the learners to work hard for a certificate at the end of 2010.

  • Donate a jersey project

    01 Mar 2009

    The school consists of 750 learners, with 300 learners on a feeding-scheme, which relates to very poor circumstances.

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