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Proudly South African

Tenk LoubserSouth Africa’s beauty and diverse culture is unparalleled. Our prevailing democracy is a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. But despite all these positive indicators, the brain drain is reaching dangerously high levels. According to a recent survey, the uncertainty in the future of South Africa, increasing crime levels and the black economic empowerment programme are some of the main contributors to this unsatisfactory situation. Uncertainty is unfortunately part of the challenge in a developing economy. People’s perspectives and approaches to dealing with challenges will always vary. Those wishing to contribute to a better South Africa will find that the opportunities are within reach and open to all. South Africa, now more than ever before, needs its qualified professionals to remain in the country and contribute to the reconstruction of this country. Contact Mr JS Loubser, CEO of the Exceed Group, on tel. 021 882 8140 or