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  • We believe knowledge is power

    We believe knowledge is power
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Business Rescue for Financially Distressed Companies

If you’re familiar with Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. you’ll know what a lifesaver it can be for companies in financial difficulties. Now, Exceed Business Rescue Practitioners can help you turn around a business in financial distress, through special provisions in the South African Companies Act.

Know When Your Company is in Financial Distress

By definition, a company is in financial distress when it is reasonably unlikely it will be able to pay its debts as they become due, or it is reasonable to assume it will become insolvent within six months. At this point we normally advise clients to look at either liquidating the business or explore options for a business rescue process.

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Whichever route is chosen, it’s vital to take action as soon as financial problems appear potentially unsolvable, especially if directors are to avoid personal liabilities, or charges of reckless or fraudulent trading.

Once we have assessed a company’s situation and agreed to act we can help you:

  • Immediately apply to the courts for business rescue status
  • Obtain protection from creditors, giving you breathing space to restructure
  • Put your financial situation into true perspective
  • Devise and implement a business rescue plan
  • Provide expert insights and advice on trading out of trouble
  • Support you with the correct mix of legal, accounting and management advice
  • Alleviate the concerns of creditors through ethics-driven financial stewardship

How Exceed Helps Give You The Advantage in Business Rescue

Turning a failing business around requires action. And in a situation where time and skillful decision taking are of the essence, we bring the kind of proactive management and wisdom that builds (and rebuilds) businesses. It’s an approach that values preparation, attention to detail and urgency in identifying required actions and implementing them within set timescales and without delay.

Then we deliver the necessary resources. With extensive financial, tax and commercial capabilities, executed with accounting, legal and management expertise, we remain focused on saving the company wherever possible. All delivered by top South African business experts. Contact AJ Beukes at 021 882 8140 or on email:


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