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  • We believe knowledge is power

    We believe knowledge is power
  • Exceed, your trusted partner

Corporate Advisory Services

Exceed’s business advisory services offer a range of tools that help both managers and entrepreneurs beat threats and maximise opportunities for business.

Budgets and Forecasts

The preparation of practical budgets and forecasts is an area entrepreneurs often overlook. Our team can assist in the development of budgeting and forecasting models tailor-made for the needs of the business.

Forensic Investigation Services

A Forensic Investigation is conducted when a client has identified a risk or fraudulent action and wishes to have a comprehensive report compiled to quantify the impact on the organisation. These types of investigations can provide a cost-effective way of determining whether or not legal action should be pursued. The cost versus benefit as well as the evidence available for legal pursuit can be quantified in order to make an informed decision.

Business Plans

A business plan is an essential component of starting or expanding a business that is very often overlooked, or even ignored. Engaging us to help prepare your business plan could mean you have a better chance of reaching your commercial objectives - whether you intend to raise capital or need a more explicit road map to success than you have currently.

Negotiating, Drafting and Reviewing of Agreements

Although we are not legal experts, we can assist you in negotiating, drafting and reviewing numerous agreements - particularly on the commercial substance of such agreements; advising on potential future economic and tax consequences or opportunities.

Business Structuring

Our team has considerable experience in business structuring and re-structuring projects, ensuring that you implement the best-optimised solution for your business goals.

Special Investigations

Businesses are often faced with problems that require non-routine investigations. Our team’s auditing background and skill set offers a number of client benefits from special investigations relating to such issues.

Acquisitions, Mergers and Disposals

In the ever-changing business world, it is fairly common for companies to merge with, acquire controlling stakes in, or dispose of businesses. Our team has vast knowledge with regards to the structuring and transacting of acquisitions, mergers and disposals, with experience in ensuring transactions are completed to our clients’ satisfaction.


Whether small and private or large and public, any business will be faced with being valued during its lifetime. We perform the correct valuation for the required purpose, be it majority or minority shareholdings, listed or private companies.

Due Diligence Investigations

As part of the steps to be taken in an acquisition or a merger, a due diligence investigation will be required. Our investigations will focus on the financial, taxation and commercial components of the business, with an imperative on uncovering the most accurate state of the target business.

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