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  • We believe knowledge is power

    We believe knowledge is power
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Risk Management

The King Code of Corporate Governance (King III) has brought the concept of risk management to the fore again, with most organizations nowadays attempting to establish a coherent risk management function.

However, many risk management processes fail through two common errors:

  1. Organizations try to do too much too quickly
  2. The initial risk identification is haphazard

This second error can lead businesses into an entirely unnecessary minefield, with hundreds of risks identified, some in more detail than others. This typically results in a complicated, administrative-intense process that is difficult to manage and has virtually no long-term benefits.

Easing the Complexities of Risk Management

The challenge in most organizations is not in the implementation, but rather in formalizing an existing thought process, and in ensuring that thought process is embedded and consistently understood throughout the organization. It takes time and is best achieved through simplicity.

This holds true for both small and large organizations. In fact, smaller organizations have a much greater sustainability risk and are therefore more in need of the benefits of an entity-wide risk management process than larger organizations.

At Exceed we understand risk management is neither a new nor a complicated process and we remember that the effective application of basic risk management principles is the cornerstone of most accomplished organizations – in fact it is the very source of their success.

With a proven track record of implementing practical, cost effective risk management processes and functions across a wide variety of industries, we’re well placed to help you apply a sound risk management plan. All this comes from experienced and mature consultants who understand business, as well as the process of change management.

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