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Management Accountants

Tenk Loubserby Tenk Loubser

The recent financial crisis has served to emphasise the value of proper information management, and the failure of some organisations to do just that. The accounting profession can assist with restoring public trust in commercial competence and ethical standards.

Organisations need to be very clear about how they create value and what the main risks are to them. They also have to understand how performance incentives and indicators drive the desired behaviour. Management accountants with CIMA qualifications can assist organisations to come to terms with these issues, shape a business and create sustainable success.

Professional management accountants act as business navigators who plan the route and provide key performance indicators to ensure that the desired destination is reached. They have a powerful impact on the entire reporting supply chain. With their command of management information, they also support good governance by enabling evidence-based decision making.

The question is: can an organisation afford to conduct its business without the help of a management accountant?