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Accredited training in the workplace

Christa MattheeMBAT (Madiba Bay Accountancy Training) is an accredited training provider offering short courses and learnerships, mainly in the financial sector. Its skills development programme is ideal for employees working with basic accounting on a daily basis.

Training takes place at a venue and time convenient for the employer and employees. MBAT coordinates all training including the training material, schedule, trainers and venues and assists with SETA administration and the completion of documents.

There is three different levels on a NQF 3, 4 and 5 level, suitable for different skills levels, e.g. Finance for Non-Accountants. This programme deals with everything from basic accounting principles to more complicated financial reporting, tax and computerised accounting.

In the Workplace Readiness Programme a range of workplace skills are covered including communication, presentation and problem-solving skills, understanding how an office environment operates and how to conduct oneself in a professional manner.

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