Business advisory services

Gaining the advantage with business advisory and strategic planning

Of course, the sensible and proper structuring of your business will give you a head start in achieving success. But it’s also a fact that day-to-day management of a business can be dramatically improved through the choice of external management expertise and skills – especially as managers can become too close to the business to recognise potential risk.

Our team of expert advisers will assist you with setting up and successfully running your business through:

  • Strategic planning and business structuring
  • Preparing business plans and budgets
  • Assisting with negotiations
  • Drafting of commercial documents and contracts
  • Financial and management support
  • Turn-around strategies and corporate restructuring
  • Design and implementation of financial control systems
  • Corporate governance and risk management services

A little help can go a long way

Our clients are often surprised at the extensive benefits they receive by keeping us close by – for advice when needed.

Why not get us on your side and talk to us about employing our advisory services in your business?

Corporate valuations

When a corporation’s physical, contractual and financial assets and liabilities require objective valuation you can call on our range of skilled and independent valuation services.

Accurate, timely, appropriate valuations

Whether in the course of financial reporting, a business deal, dispute, for tax purposes or in marital dissolution, valuations can vary considerably depending upon the business value standard and the premise of value. Our professionals are experts in the income, asset and market approaches to valuations. Moreover, we carefully evaluate each engagement to determine the approach that will be most beneficial to the particular assignment.

Internal audit

Most successful organisations today realise the benefit of internal audit, with many having already brought the function in house, or being in the process of doing so.

Bringing internal audit in house

Internal Audit has evolved rapidly over the last few years. Today it is recognised as a fully risk-based function that adds value throughout the organization. A successful internal auditor is a highly skilled individual, with skills in disciplines as diverse as change management, business process and information technology.

With such valuable individuals being scarce in the market, a large number of organizations have turned to us for assistance.

Acquiring your own internal auditor – pain free

Our dedicated internal audit experts have many years of both professional and practical experience. This means you can access a range of services, from full to co-sourcing internal audit services.

In addition, you can implement a programme that works for more and more of our clients: “Internal Audit Mentoring”. This service enables you to appoint one of your staff members with the potential to fully manage the internal audit and risk management functions, but needs a year or two before they have acquired the requisite skills. During this period we manage both the internal audit function as well as your nominee on a part-time basis. This ensures proper knowledge transfer in a hands-on, practical manner until you have the resources to run your internal audit function independently.