SARS auto-assessments

How does auto-assessments work? It is an automatic assessment issued by SARS to taxpayers whose tax affairs are less complicated. SARS will use data received from employers, medical schemes, banks, retirement annuity funds and others. That data will be used to calculate and generate your income tax assessment, with no input form the taxpayer. The…

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The CA’s role in a changing corporate world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate and the types of skills and professions that are needed in the future. With so much change and sometimes uncertainty, one could ask: is there still a demand for professions such as chartered accountants? What does it mean to be a Chartered Accountant? Also known as…

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How COVID-19 unexpectedly prepared the audit industry for the future.

As the world gradually emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and returns to a more regular routine, the permanent effects of the last 2 years on various industries are becoming apparent. Most professions were severely disrupted, especially during stricter lockdown times, with accounting and auditing being no exception. However, in many cases, these changes brought about…

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Preparing Your Company for Financial Year-End

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Financial Year End (FYE) can be an overwhelming and stressful time for a business. For most companies in South Africa, the new fiscal year has only just begun and thinking of FYE may be something you only plan to do again in a few months’ time. However, being prepared and consistent with your financial records…

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The ‘No Fireworks’ Budget Speech Of 2022

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s maiden Budget Speech of 2022 was themed “keeping money in the pockets of South Africans”. In essence, the budget speech boils down to making good use of small gains. Treasury has done what it can to create an environment conducive to returning business confidence and investment, and the Cabinet is hoping…

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Accountant vs Bookkeeper: What does my business need?

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As a business owner starting an enterprise, you tend to manage all aspects of your new venture, including the finances. But as the company grows, you find yourself in need of assistance with various accounting tasks. Employing the services of a financial professional for your company is vital; however, do you need an accountant or…

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Cloud Accounting: Fast, Secure, Accessible & Flexible

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Every day, without even realising it, more businesses operate successfully with various cloud-based services. Do you know if this affects your accounting requirements and whether a cloud-based accounting system is superior to traditional on-premises software? Cloud accounting (also known as online or web-based accounting) software usage began in the early 2000s and differed from more…

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The value of choosing a knowledgeable tax consultation partner

Exceed | Your Trusted Partner | The value of choosing a knowledgeable tax consultation partner

Having to contend with complicated tax paperwork is not what most business owners would describe as their favourite pastime. However, getting your tax submissions done correctly and efficiently by a tax consultation partner can significantly impact your company’s success. Rather than neglecting this aspect, businesses will greatly benefit from appointing a competent and expert tax…

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Tax effects on assessed loss brought forward limitation

Background of tax effects on assessed loss The carryforward of assessed losses by a company is regulated by section 20 of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962. Currently, a company can carry forward assessed losses indefinitely subject only to the requirement that the company continue to carry on a trade. When the assessed loss…

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