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Financial planning for women

Suzette van Niekerk“Money does seem to pave the path to equality when it comes to women.” This is according to the 2008 Female Nation Survey, which polled 8 400 women and was released early August 2009. The survey shows that the lives of South African women across different race groups are increasingly similar once they earn a more affluent salary. According to the survey:

  • they all have shockingly high levels of debt (on average 83%),
  • the majority of woman are the main breadwinners (on average 68%),
  • affluent black women are the least likely to ever have been married (42% have never been married),
  • the most valued work commodity for working women is flexibility,
  • 25% of women put money away for a ‘rainy day’ without the knowledge of the family.

Who is happiest?

  • Almost 50% of women who described themselves as ‘frequently depressed and anxious’ are primary caregivers.
  • The happiest of all married woman are child-free and self-employed.
  • The happiest of all women are those who are self-employed. “Self-employed women can choose what to do and when to do it.”

This survey shows that there are many women who need assistance with financial planning or how to start their own businesses.

If you want to be one of the ‘happiest women in South Africa’, please contact Suzette van Niekerk (BCom LLB CFP) at Exceed Private Client Services, tel. 021 852 0382 or 082 894 5947.